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The Tour

27 Sep

I am very lucky to have an whole room for my studio.  An entire space that only I get to destroy.  It’s AWESOME!

therapy room

At home I sew on a Bernina 440 QE.  I love it!  But it weighs about a jillion pounds.  So I also have a Janome that weighs about 12 pounds that I take to classes and such.

i heart my handi quilter

Last year I also became to extatic owner of a Handi Quilter Avante 18.  I love free motion quilting and I find it very relaxing.  I’ve been quilting tops for a few ladies I know and it’s growing.  I feel like I’m getting better and I would love to take more classes.

my stash

This is my stash.  Mostly it fits in this cabinet that I got at an auction for $50.  Love it!  It has glass doors so I can always see my fabrics.  The other day my 7 year old daughter, Kahlan, wanted to help,  So she decided she was going to organize my stash.  Great.  I’m cutting squares and she’s taking fabric out and putting fabric in.  Then she looks at me and says.  “Mom, I’m putting your fabric into two piles.  “Girly” and “Old Lady”.  Awesome!

my new lightboxand with the light on

And this is the latest addition.  My Light Box!  I’m very excited to mark my first quilt with this tool.  It’s big!  35×50

I want to have a table/cabinet built so this will fit in the top.  It’s not very usable right now.  But it was $40 on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt last weekend and I love it!


I’m gettin’ skills

24 Sep

There is always something new to learn.  I really struggle reading and following quilting patterns.  I would love to be able to “wing it” all the time.  Improvisational sewing is very relaxing for me.  Patterns. . .not so much.  I have a BOM in the cupboard that is still unfinished because of the concentration I need to follow the instructions.  It’s going to be fabulous when I finally get it done.

So, anyway, I’m gettin’ skills.  Reading and following patterns.

The Prairie Pioneer Quilters have been challenged this fall to sew an “Underground Railroad” quilt.  We are following Eleanor Burns’ book.  Her instructions are very clear, which I really appreciate.  I decided that I wanted to do one in traditional fabrics and another in not quite so traditional fabrics.  So I’ve chosen deep reds, blues, and greens for the traditional version.

traditional fabrics

Vicki, owner of Nana’s Country Quilt Shop in Grand Island, let me shop at her store.  And by shop I mean destroy.  I pulled so many bolts and had them covering the tables and leaned against the shelves.  And then I bought just enough for the first block.  She’s such a good sport.  But this way I get to go into the shop and select fabrics for each block.  Picking the fabrics is my favorite part.  FUN!

I chose soft yellows, blues, greens for my other quilt.

not so traditional fabrics

aaahhhh. . .little monkey wrench.  It’s so cute!

I’m making the 12″ Blocks but the book also offers 6″ blocks.  They are so adorable.  Tiny monkey wrench. . . ahhh

Sew something you love for someone you love.  Have a great weekend.


According to plan . . .not so much.

21 Sep

This project started out simple enough.

Each year every member of our guild makes on block to be part of the President’s Quilt.  The pattern is always different and I really liked this year’s block.  So I decided I wanted to make a large wall hanging to go over our couch.  I figured I would need 100 of these 7″ blocks to make it as big as I wanted.


When I did my one block for the President’s Quilt this block was no big deal.  But when I started cutting all the little squares and triangles a small mountain of bits started to form and continued to grow.  I cut enough for about 20 blocks and started to sew them together.  Well, little did I know that I had an invisible, evil little fairy working with me that day.  Her heart was full of mischief and she made me sew things that I never would have sewn had she not been there.  I used my seam ripper more last Thursday than I have in the past year.

My dream of a large, beautiful wall hanging for above my couch became a small wall hanging.



So I still had a small mountain of little squares.  So I decided to improv the back.  Which is so much more my style.
I really like it.  I am trying to figure out how I’m going to hang this so it will be reversible.
So the stress of the original blocks led me to the relaxing improv backing.  It was fun figuring out how to sew those blocks together to make it interesting.
Yesterday I did the quilting.
Which wasn’t very relaxing but I do like the end result.
On to the next project.  Have a great day!

Working out the Kinks

18 Sep

This is the first quilt I gifted.  I made this for my aunt the year I had her name in our Christmas exchange.  I used fabrics that had come from my grandma’s and my mom’s stashes.  I also had Mom pick out a few fat quarters that reminded her of her mom.  I love the scrappy, scrappy.  My family would definitely be described as “Scrappy Chic.”

Test Test

18 Sep

I will get this site figured out!

Hello world!

16 Sep

My name is Noelle and I am a QUILTER!  I am so excited to start sharing my thoughts and quilting with you.