According to plan . . .not so much.

21 Sep

This project started out simple enough.

Each year every member of our guild makes on block to be part of the President’s Quilt.  The pattern is always different and I really liked this year’s block.  So I decided I wanted to make a large wall hanging to go over our couch.  I figured I would need 100 of these 7″ blocks to make it as big as I wanted.


When I did my one block for the President’s Quilt this block was no big deal.  But when I started cutting all the little squares and triangles a small mountain of bits started to form and continued to grow.  I cut enough for about 20 blocks and started to sew them together.  Well, little did I know that I had an invisible, evil little fairy working with me that day.  Her heart was full of mischief and she made me sew things that I never would have sewn had she not been there.  I used my seam ripper more last Thursday than I have in the past year.

My dream of a large, beautiful wall hanging for above my couch became a small wall hanging.



So I still had a small mountain of little squares.  So I decided to improv the back.  Which is so much more my style.
I really like it.  I am trying to figure out how I’m going to hang this so it will be reversible.
So the stress of the original blocks led me to the relaxing improv backing.  It was fun figuring out how to sew those blocks together to make it interesting.
Yesterday I did the quilting.
Which wasn’t very relaxing but I do like the end result.
On to the next project.  Have a great day!

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