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ah Canon . . .how I’ve missed thee

31 Oct

I have not been neglecting you intentionally.  Last weekend I went to the Lincoln Quilt Expo and then to my nephew’s baptism.  Then I left the camera at my sister’s house.  Erg!

anywhoo . . .

First, the Quilt Expo.  Honestly, it was just ok.  The best part was that I got to go with my friend Lori who I haven’t been able to hang out with for a long time.  I did get to meet Quilter Royalty.

Miss Eleanor Burns

She is lovely!  We don’t have TV at home so I’ve never seen her in action.  She is on TV, right?  Anywhoo. . . what a treat!

My plan for the Expo was to find that one (or two) fabrics and buy a couple yards.  Well, sadly, I was very uninspired!  Pretty things but nothing that said, “You must take me home!”

So then Lori and I took the scenic route through Lincoln to visit two quilt shops.  I finally found inspiration.

I have a significant stash and I’ve been trying to work my way through it.  So, I don’t usually buy fabric unless I have a project in mind.  It was a treat for me to just buy something that I loved, just because I wanted it.

bead curtain

mmmm . . .love this one.  And it was on the clearance rack.  That’s my favorite kind of find.

Raindrop Rainbow

Again. . .mmmmm.  Love it!  I walked around the shop just hugging the bolt.  Love it!

I feel like there is too much to do.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks away.  Have a great week.  Time to get back to the machine.  whoohoo!


Job well done

18 Oct

I have a HandiQuilter Avante 18.  I’ve been quilting for a few ladies I know in Grand Island.  When I started I was scared to work on someone else’s quilt top.  But I’ve had the longarm for about a year and I’ve gained confidence.  I like the work I’m doing now.

Kaye's Mystery Quilt

Last year the Prairie Pioneer Quilters were challenged to do a mystery quilt.  We would get a new clue each month and we didn’t know how everything went together until we got the last clue.  My friend Kaye asked me to quilt her mystery quilt.  I really like how it turned out.  The turquoise is vibrant and you can still see the stars pop out.

Mystery Quilts are tricky!  We were given a list of yardages and values but if you don’t know what the final product is how do you choose fabrics.  That’s the challenge.  So I decided to make a baby quilt.  At least I had a theme.  I chose this for my main fabric.  Super Fun!

aaahhh . . .

But if I had used this in the blocks the cute little animals would have been massacred.  Just headless monkey bums all over a baby quilt.  I think not.  Could be traumatic!

So I improvised the back around the animal print.

Back of the Mystery Quilt

And this is the front.  My stars don’t pop as well as Kaye’s but I like it. 

I’m a Quilting Machine

16 Oct

I am determined to finish all my projects.  While cleaning my studio last week I found several projects in various states of not being done.  Being a quilter there is always something new, exciting and inspiring.  I want to start a new project often.  But I am finishing the quilts I’ve started.  So I pulled out 3 to take to my guild’s UFO Saturday.

The first one was my Urban Village Quilt.  This is from the book Happy Villages by Karen Eckmeier.  I started this at our Prairie Pioneer Winter Retreat 2010.   It only measures about 15×24 inches and all I needed to do is bind it and add a hanging sleeve.  I actually finished the hand stitching after I took the picture.

Urban Village

The next quilt I found hidden in the studio is from a workshop with Vicki Pignatelli.  I thought I would really be into her Crazy about Curves technique but I discovered it’s really not me.  But it is a good skill to have in the arsenal.

Star Dance

The top of the quilt has been done since the workshop in August of 2010.  So yesterday I pieced a back that is very much me.

This I love.  I had a great time playing with my fabric.  I think what I like about improvisational piecing is that sometimes I sew myself into a corner and I have to figure out how to get out.  I just need to get it quilted.

This is the last top I worked on yesterday.

Christmas Square Dance

I started this in January 2010.  I had it pieced into three big strips and just needed to sew the three together.  I even have the back fabric.  So now to the longarm.  This one makes me smile.  It’s cheery.

Have a great Sunday.  I love Sunday . . .aaahhhh . . . .

Alien Invasion

14 Oct

Last night was our Prairie Pioneer Quilters meeting here in Grand Island.  I am part of our Community Projects Committee.  We are responsible for providing quilts to worthy causes in our area.  We also sponsor an open sew day once a month.  So in the spirit of building our community of quilters, and the most bestest holiday HALLOWEEN, I dressed up for our meeting last night and said this . . .

my green alien face

Greetings, quilters of earth.

My name is Dresden of the Plate Family

I come from the planet Trapunto.

I have come to your world to offer assistance.  Aid in identifying your long forgotten UFOs lost to the dark recesses of your studios and closets.  The Block of the Month that has not seen the light of your sewing machine since before the invention of the blessed rotary cutter.

I will be in attendance to keep you  on point.  Bring your UFOs to the Quality Sew & Vac on Saturday and I will help you bring your project to it’s long awaited conclusion.

The only payment I require for my journey is a meal of your earth food.  Share a dish with me at mid-day and I am at your service.

alien quilter . . .scary

I’m bummed my make-up didn’t show better in the pictures.  But I had a great time and made alot of people laugh.  Several ladies told me that they didn’t even recognize me.  Now, I’m definitely the youngest member of our guild and I’m 6’1″ tall.  I kinda stick out.  I hope that gives you an idea of how different I looked last night even if the pictures don’t.

Enjoy yourself today!

progress = satifaction

11 Oct

I’m excited to share that I am finished cleaning my studio and am now back to”work.”

The inspiration for this project was emailed to my by my friend Kay when she learned my affection for the most fantastic holiday. . .HALLOWEEN!  I love it!  Mostly I think I like to have any reason to dress up but I love the colors, the decorations, the treats, and everything.  Love it!

Anywhoo . . . here is the link.  Super cute!

And this is my family’s version.  I gave my sisters and mom a fat quarter and basic directions to make a pumpkin.  So AWESOME!  I can’t wait to get it quilted.

We used Wonder Under to fuse them to the black and then I stitched around everything.  This one is mine.

aaahhh!!!  He’s so adorable!

Do something fun today that makes you laugh out loud!

Have a great day.

Cleaning. . .erg. . .finished projects. . .ahhh

9 Oct
I’ve had an epiphany about myself.  I like to start and finish a project before starting on something new.  Shaun was laughing at my pictures on “The Tour” post because I didn’t clean up before I took the photos.  But that is usually how my studio looks.  It’s not my fault though.  It’s the cursed BOM and their kin!

I get out the fabric and all the supplies and then I only get to make ONE block.  Now I have a mess and another BOM to work on.  More fabric, supplies and another mess.  I know I should just clean up after each project but it seems I have attention span trouble.

So now I’m cleaning.  I’m in the “worse before it gets better” stage.

It’s truly amazing how disorganized I got.  But I’m determined to put a few systems to work to help me with my organization.  First, I have a small drawer for my scraps.  I’ve sorted through them and threw out all the tiny bits with a roll of my eyes and a what was I thinking.  Next, I folded fabric that had been piled, stacked, and shoved into boxes.  It’s all neatly on the shelf.  Third, I’ve put together 2 design walls to hold my experimental and misc blocks.

My color wheel blocks.

My quilting group here in Grand Island is doing a color wheel quilt.  I wish I could claim this idea but I found it on one of the quilty blogs I found.   It’s called  Super cute!  So we all brought a scrap of each of the colors and then put them in piles by color.  Each of us took home one color to make a monochromatic block.  I took white/cream and black thinking they would be the most difficult.

Anywhoo. . .my blocks are up on my new design wall where I will know where they are when we get together in a few weeks.

I’ve put my BOMs and supplies on the shelf.  Very Organized.

If anyone has more ideas of how to keep my studio from looking like a bomb went off I’m all ears.

Back to work for me.

Have a great week!