Cleaning. . .erg. . .finished projects. . .ahhh

9 Oct
I’ve had an epiphany about myself.  I like to start and finish a project before starting on something new.  Shaun was laughing at my pictures on “The Tour” post because I didn’t clean up before I took the photos.  But that is usually how my studio looks.  It’s not my fault though.  It’s the cursed BOM and their kin!

I get out the fabric and all the supplies and then I only get to make ONE block.  Now I have a mess and another BOM to work on.  More fabric, supplies and another mess.  I know I should just clean up after each project but it seems I have attention span trouble.

So now I’m cleaning.  I’m in the “worse before it gets better” stage.

It’s truly amazing how disorganized I got.  But I’m determined to put a few systems to work to help me with my organization.  First, I have a small drawer for my scraps.  I’ve sorted through them and threw out all the tiny bits with a roll of my eyes and a what was I thinking.  Next, I folded fabric that had been piled, stacked, and shoved into boxes.  It’s all neatly on the shelf.  Third, I’ve put together 2 design walls to hold my experimental and misc blocks.

My color wheel blocks.

My quilting group here in Grand Island is doing a color wheel quilt.  I wish I could claim this idea but I found it on one of the quilty blogs I found.   It’s called  Super cute!  So we all brought a scrap of each of the colors and then put them in piles by color.  Each of us took home one color to make a monochromatic block.  I took white/cream and black thinking they would be the most difficult.

Anywhoo. . .my blocks are up on my new design wall where I will know where they are when we get together in a few weeks.

I’ve put my BOMs and supplies on the shelf.  Very Organized.

If anyone has more ideas of how to keep my studio from looking like a bomb went off I’m all ears.

Back to work for me.

Have a great week!


One Response to “Cleaning. . .erg. . .finished projects. . .ahhh”

  1. Annetta Milhon October 10, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Wow – the block you made looks awesome for small group – mine is done, but not as cool as yours! Love it!

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