I’m a Quilting Machine

16 Oct

I am determined to finish all my projects.  While cleaning my studio last week I found several projects in various states of not being done.  Being a quilter there is always something new, exciting and inspiring.  I want to start a new project often.  But I am finishing the quilts I’ve started.  So I pulled out 3 to take to my guild’s UFO Saturday.

The first one was my Urban Village Quilt.  This is from the book Happy Villages by Karen Eckmeier.  I started this at our Prairie Pioneer Winter Retreat 2010.   It only measures about 15×24 inches and all I needed to do is bind it and add a hanging sleeve.  I actually finished the hand stitching after I took the picture.

Urban Village

The next quilt I found hidden in the studio is from a workshop with Vicki Pignatelli.  http://www.vikkipignatelli.com/  I thought I would really be into her Crazy about Curves technique but I discovered it’s really not me.  But it is a good skill to have in the arsenal.

Star Dance

The top of the quilt has been done since the workshop in August of 2010.  So yesterday I pieced a back that is very much me.

This I love.  I had a great time playing with my fabric.  I think what I like about improvisational piecing is that sometimes I sew myself into a corner and I have to figure out how to get out.  I just need to get it quilted.

This is the last top I worked on yesterday.

Christmas Square Dance

I started this in January 2010.  I had it pieced into three big strips and just needed to sew the three together.  I even have the back fabric.  So now to the longarm.  This one makes me smile.  It’s cheery.

Have a great Sunday.  I love Sunday . . .aaahhhh . . . .


One Response to “I’m a Quilting Machine”

  1. Annetta Milhon October 16, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    You are so inspiring! I have three grandsons here today but watch out tomorrow, I am going to finish some too. Hope you can come work on the valor quilt tomorrow night at 6:30 at Missy’s. I love your Christmas and village quilts …

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