Stress of the Holidays

9 Nov

The stress of the holidays has arrived in my studio.  I want to have something homemade for everyone in the family, but I think I waited too long to get started.  I’m making headway but Christmas is sneaking up on me.

I’ve been keeping busy with crochet.  I like how transportable it is.  This project has been to Judo, to pick up the girls from school, and down to the quilt shop to hang out. No electricity or stress required.  Love that.  And it’s starting to transform from a scarf into an afghan.   (This has also led me to a Reminder Session with my friend Vicki. She found a crochet project from way back and I get to remind her how to finish it up.  Fun!)

I love the neutrals.  They say curl up and relax.   ahhh. . . Normally the cream and the gray don’t go together in my mind but I’m really diggin’ them here.

I love giving gifts.  I would be fine not receiving any gifts just as long as I could watch everyone open the gifts I have for them.  The anticipation of finding the perfect thing and watching the receivers reaction.  That’s my favorite part!

When Kahlan was almost 2, my aunt sent us each an embroidered towel.  We were letting Kahlan open all the gift as she was really enjoying ripping the paper.  So with the first towel she was a bit disappointed and then she built to disgust.  But by the time she got to the 4th towel her reaction was just “NOOOOOOOO!”  The reaction is the best part.

Remember the joy of giving and have a great Wednesday!


One Response to “Stress of the Holidays”

  1. Sarah Samson November 15, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Speaking pf giving gifts…I have a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt from you that I love! (And so does everyone else who sees it.) It is nice and thick so I lay it on the hard kitchen tile or wood floors and let the kiddo play on it. And he loves the bright colors – I think he can see them really well because of the black background. You are so wonderful!

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