Back on Track

17 Feb

I have been sewing!

Our quilt guild here in Grand Island is having our annual fund raiser on March 24th.  And, of course, I am supporting the guild that I love.  Sometime people rub you the wrong way but you have to remember what’s most important.  And I love this guild.  I have found a wonderful source of beauty and inspiration.  We meet once a month and every month I am picking my jaw up off the floor after someone shares a quilt they have finished.  And of course, without guild I wouldn’t have found the people that I now call friends.  I am so thankful!  So I am supporting my guild through the rough patches so I can continue to be awestruck.

The fund raiser is called “Dress the Bed.”  We set up a beautiful brass bed and layer on the quilts.  The quilts are then shared and walked around the room.  I am working on two projects that I hope to have quilted before then.  I still have over a month so I think I can do it.

The first one is my small group’s purple charm square challenge.  We all exchanged 5″ purple squares for six months until we had 144 different fabric charms.  This quilt was inspired by Oh Fransson.  I had to reinterpret the idea because her pattern called for larger cuts of fabric.  But I think what I love about it are the white blocks.  I love how it turned out!

The second quilt I would like to finish is a twist on the “Disappearing 9-patch.”  I’ve had the idea to use all black-on-white and white-on-black fabrics with pops of a bright color.  I’m finishing up the blocks today.  I’m excited to see how they work together.

Oh my goodness!  Sew much to do!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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