New Arrival

26 Feb

My roommate from college has just welcomed her 3rd child.  (Her husband was there too.)

They decided not find out the sex so I decided to do a gender neutral wall quilt for the nursery.

I found this wonderful circus panel.  So cute!  I added the striped border which has alot of pink and I chose blue to keep it baby balanced.

Last summer the girls and I dyed some fabric.  I used two different pieces for the back.

I got the call that the quilt arrived this afternoon.  Of course, they think I’m incredibly talented.  Which is only true.  And they love the quilt.

And Mom and baby are doing well.

Have a great week.


The ideas keep coming.

21 Feb

Inspiration can be overwhelming!

What I love about quilting is that there are so many styles and techniques and ideas.   And if I lived to be 100 I might get about 1% of those things tried.  There is always something that is grabbing my attention away from what’s right in front of my nose.  Last week I really focused on finishing the blocks for my black and white quilt top.  This week is going to be all about quilting.  I have four bed size quilts that I would like to have quilted before our guild’s fundraiser on March 24th.

But I am being distracted by the items I am going to be donating to the Silent Auction portion of the fundraiser.  I have my table runner pieced and quilted.  Just needs the binding.

I had one block left so the backing was built around it.

I am also going to be making two pincushions that are going to be so cute!  I’ll post photos of those next week.

And Vicki, owner of Nana’s Country Quilt Shop in Grand Island, Nebraska, is having a Schnibbles contest this month, and I spent about two hours in her shop last week creating my own charm pack for the pattern.  I’ve chosen the pattern “Domino.”  These patterns usually call for charm packs, but what I love most about quilting is selecting my fabrics.  So I walked around Nana’s choosing 28 different fabrics.  My Schnibble is going to be fabulous!

As I said this week I am focusing on quilting.  And I shall not be swayed!

Back on Track

17 Feb

I have been sewing!

Our quilt guild here in Grand Island is having our annual fund raiser on March 24th.  And, of course, I am supporting the guild that I love.  Sometime people rub you the wrong way but you have to remember what’s most important.  And I love this guild.  I have found a wonderful source of beauty and inspiration.  We meet once a month and every month I am picking my jaw up off the floor after someone shares a quilt they have finished.  And of course, without guild I wouldn’t have found the people that I now call friends.  I am so thankful!  So I am supporting my guild through the rough patches so I can continue to be awestruck.

The fund raiser is called “Dress the Bed.”  We set up a beautiful brass bed and layer on the quilts.  The quilts are then shared and walked around the room.  I am working on two projects that I hope to have quilted before then.  I still have over a month so I think I can do it.

The first one is my small group’s purple charm square challenge.  We all exchanged 5″ purple squares for six months until we had 144 different fabric charms.  This quilt was inspired by Oh Fransson.  I had to reinterpret the idea because her pattern called for larger cuts of fabric.  But I think what I love about it are the white blocks.  I love how it turned out!

The second quilt I would like to finish is a twist on the “Disappearing 9-patch.”  I’ve had the idea to use all black-on-white and white-on-black fabrics with pops of a bright color.  I’m finishing up the blocks today.  I’m excited to see how they work together.

Oh my goodness!  Sew much to do!

Have a wonderful weekend!

What I did on New Years.

1 Feb

My daughters’ room.  Before



And then to celebrate the new year we . . .






green dresser

pink dresser

Happy New Year To Us!

It’s Finished!

30 Jan

I started a Block of the Month in February 2010.  I finished the top in January 2012.

Tonga Nature 96x100

I love it!

My favorite block

I learned so many new techniques making this quilt top.  Y seams.  Paper Piecing.  Bias edges.  I think I would like to make the pattern again to reinforce my new skills.

Spinning Corner Blocks

The center block  is awesome.  Shaun was thoroughly impressed when I laid this one out for him.

It’s amazing how much work I can get done at retreat.  No cooking, cleaning and few distractions.

I am sew inspired right now.  Can’t wait to get back to it.  Have a great week!

How is it done?

4 Jan

Happy New Year!

My last post was in November!  It’s been a while.  I got swept away with the holidays.  It was more stressful than I wanted.  But I am through to the New Year and looking forward to a year of health and growth.

I’m not making a resolution, per say, but a promise to me to be good to myself this year.   I am going to enjoy my work with quilting.  I am going to reach my goal weight of 170 lbs before 2013.  And I’m not going to stress about it.  I love my life and I am so grateful.

Over the last two months I have been amazed at how many of the bloggers I follow kept up with their sites.  How is that done?  I’m curious.  I was terrible about getting my projects photographed before they were wrapped and shipped.  So I do have one shot of the picnic quilt I did for our dear friends in San Diego.  Thankfully they took a picture of it.

This quilt was inspired by the outer white border that is crawling with black ants.  It just jumped out at me at the shop.   Then I searched for fabric with food prints.  There is also a bee print and the red check table cloth all around the outside.  This one measures about 80″x85″.  The backing is a hunting camo print.  I figured the camo would be able to get dirty and not show any resulting stains.  A bonus!  And a little side note.   As I was sewing on the binding I was watching my only spool of black thread winding down and I didn’t think I would be have enough to finish it.  I did not want to make a trip to get more thread!  I was stressed and just wanted to get the package to the post office.  Hallelujah!  I finished my stitching with about 10 inches left.

Have a great beginning to another great year!



Stress of the Holidays

9 Nov

The stress of the holidays has arrived in my studio.  I want to have something homemade for everyone in the family, but I think I waited too long to get started.  I’m making headway but Christmas is sneaking up on me.

I’ve been keeping busy with crochet.  I like how transportable it is.  This project has been to Judo, to pick up the girls from school, and down to the quilt shop to hang out. No electricity or stress required.  Love that.  And it’s starting to transform from a scarf into an afghan.   (This has also led me to a Reminder Session with my friend Vicki. She found a crochet project from way back and I get to remind her how to finish it up.  Fun!)

I love the neutrals.  They say curl up and relax.   ahhh. . . Normally the cream and the gray don’t go together in my mind but I’m really diggin’ them here.

I love giving gifts.  I would be fine not receiving any gifts just as long as I could watch everyone open the gifts I have for them.  The anticipation of finding the perfect thing and watching the receivers reaction.  That’s my favorite part!

When Kahlan was almost 2, my aunt sent us each an embroidered towel.  We were letting Kahlan open all the gift as she was really enjoying ripping the paper.  So with the first towel she was a bit disappointed and then she built to disgust.  But by the time she got to the 4th towel her reaction was just “NOOOOOOOO!”  The reaction is the best part.

Remember the joy of giving and have a great Wednesday!